EXHIBITOR LEAD RETRIEVAL - The Portable Scanner "1D"

The Story: A few years ago we ran out of our own scanners and had to rent some from a third-party. These are what they gave us. ...

We handed out about 75 units to exhibitors once we depleted our regular inventory. Little did we know the uprise that would occur. Exhibitors who had our regular units (about the size of a TV remote control) were coming back in droves for the unit that all their "booth neighbors" were wearing around their neck. Who knew that smaller was going to be the future? A few years ago we purchased several hundred of these units and retired our old ones.

Over 80% of the exhibitors that we provide scanners to prefer this unit. They are light, portable (worn around the neck on a lanyard we supply) and are aggressive in scanning.
At the end of the day, exhibitors return the units which then get immediately uploaded to our servers. Exhibitors can then visit their online leads at any time.

Custom followup sheets, allowing the exhibitor to further qualify a lead, are also available with this unit.

Simple and effective - our motto.