MicroSpec provides exhibitor support for their lead retrieval files for an unlimited amount of time post-event. We are one of the few pro-active companies that not only dedicates floor walkers during the show (a ratio of 1 MicroSpec staff member per 60-80 units rented), but we are also in gentle contact with those exhibitors who do not follow up on their leads post-show. We also offer our Lead Retrieval reports to you so that you can see how many leads your exhibitors have captured, as this is a great tool for you when it comes time to talk to them about signing up for the next year.


We are keenly aware of the proven statistics that some Exhibitors do not follow up on their leads in a timely manner. To counteract this, MicroSpec is pleased to offer REVERSE-A-LEAD - which puts the Exhibitor in front of the Attendee. Attendees are given the opportunity to log into our portal post-event and view the details of the companies that scanned them. No more waiting for the exhibitor to call them!