Let's face it .. there are 100's of companies that can take a trade show or conference registration over the Internet. Of those there are about 50 that can take the registration and then arrive at your event with the appropriate equipment and staff. Only about 30 can also provide Lead Retrieval Services in-house to your exhibitors. And of those, only a handful have the real world experience to do the job well.

Call MicroSpec at 1-888-780-9825 x201 and I guarantee you can talk to me, Neil Hersco, the owner for over 25 years. Unless of course I am at an event in which case you can talk to a number of my staff with over 10 years experience. (By the way - I will get back to you very quickly).

At MicroSpec, not only are there no commission salespeople ... there are NO salespeople! You get to talk to me directly - and I do love talking about the industry to anyone who will listen.

500 or 50,000 people, my team and I will tailor a package for your event.

So what are you waiting for?
Pick up the phone and give me a call. 1-888-780-9825 x201 or Call me on Skype
Good ol' email will also do: