Still using hard tickets to track people into events? No need to any longer. Our scanners can validate based on registration data - ONLINE OR OFFLINE.

  • MicroSpec can provide access control scanners that are programmed to check the database to validate admittance into a seminar.
  • These high performance scanners work in 3 modes - Cellular (where available), WIFI and OFFLINE modes.
  • Seminar information is downloaded to the scanners immediately prior to session opening.
  • Attendees are scanned and system will show a "GO" or "STOP". For "STOP" messages, the user will be able to override and "ALLOW" admittance, which in turn will update the database with ID.
  • Online reports are immediately updated.
  • Note in OFFLINE mode the system will scan attendees and validate locally only. This method is ideal in situations where cellular and WIFI do not exist.
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