ExpoTools redefines Lead Retrieval equipment with the AT700, a high value portable scanner able to read barcode, magstripe and RFID badges. Its ergonomic design allows left or right handed operation for effortless scanning and data entry even in the most demanding situations. With the full color graphic LCD display and touch screen of the AT700, navigation through the menus is intuitive and foolproof - simply press the icon or button on the screen to change the view or select items. Even text can be entered with the simple press of a finger using the on-screen keyboard.

The CMP10 portable printer is perfect for printing on the go, or in situations where an electrical outlet is not available. With its direct interface to SST’s portable readers, it is ideal for generating paper receipts of marketing leads at trade shows. It is exceptionally fast and quiet, using thermal printing technology.

Download to USB stick available directly from unit.